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Invalid object name for Extender and unable to find extender object

Henry Wong asked 8 years ago
I am on GP2013 SP2, Smartconnect and Extender 12.00.0088.
Existingly i am using smartconnect to integrate data into extender window for company A.
After i have used PSTL to copy company from company A to company B. I have also exported out the extender window from company A and import into company B.
Next, i set the smartconnect to integrate data into extender window for company.
However, i am not able to add the extender object in the smartconnect map for company B. I have run the smartconnect maintenance which does not fix the issue.
I would like to know how can i add the extender object for company B.
Thank you
Lorren answered 8 years ago
SmartConnect uses a View created in Extender with the same name as the Extender window or form. Make sure that view exists in Company B and if it does not, then go into Extender, go to Views and create a view with the same name as the window or form.
Henry Wong answered 8 years ago
Hi Lorren,
I have exported out the extender windows from Company A and then import it into Company B. By importing would it have created the view in Company B?
Thank you.
Lorren replied 8 years ago

It won’t automatically create the views for that company until you open the View in Extender and click Save.

Henry answered 8 years ago
Hi Lorren.
The issue is resolved after I followed your instructions.
Thank very much for you help on this issue.

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