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Invalid Object databasename ….tablename…

Kitty Geiger asked 8 years ago
Imported Nodes into nodebuilder successfully. Nodes imported to Smartconnect successfully (see them in Node Maintenance). Imported map into SmartConnect successfully. Ran System Maintenance successfully. Inside the map Remapped all MSSQL lookups and Rolling Columns to current SQL Server.  Map runs through data validations with no errors.
Error message receive after data validation   “Invalid Object  KG01….WSS10100…”
no other details are provided even in Debug mode that is all the message I get.  The KG01 database was were the map was originally built.  The Correct database should be SACLL.  Every where I’ve looked in Snartconnect shows SACLL.
Is there a commonly forgotten spot that could still be pointed to the old database?
Kitty replied 8 years ago

so digging. Inside Nodebuilder I noticed on the nodes imported. If I change the default database to Fabrikam AND mark only the company Fabrikam, save and publish. go back into the node and on the Tables page on top left it still says the original database. Do I have to drop the table and re-add it? then re publish the node? Once I republish and go back into smartconnect by re-running system maintenance will that grab the change made to the node? I feel like I keep having to reinvent the wheel here.

Lorren answered 8 years ago
If you take the Node Builder XML you exported and replace all instances of KG1 with one of the customer’s actual companies before you import into the their system, it will publish correctly. You will need to delete their current nodes from Node Builder only. You do not need to change anything in SmartConnect.

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