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Invalid Column Name \'ScUpgradeVersion\'

Jessica Martinez asked 6 years ago
Upgrading SmartConnect on a new server. Restored SmartConnect database, installed SC. Launched Smartconnect and received error \”Could not log into the SQL Server Invalid Column name \”ScUpgradeVersion\”Coming from use with GP2010. SmartConnect version Moving to use with GP 2015, SmartConnect version Please advise.
Lorren Zemke Staff answered 6 years ago
You will need to upgrade to SmartConnect 20.12 first.
Then you can upgrade to SmartConnect 20.13, 20.14, 20.15 or 20.16.
To node, SmartConnect 20.16 will work with Dynamics GP 2013 and greater, so i would go to that version to be on the latest release.
Jessica Martinez replied 6 years ago

Thanks, Lorren. After uninstalling SC15, I installed SC 12 (here’s the log – Windows Installer installed the product. Product Name: SmartConnect. Product Version: Product Language: 1033. Manufacturer: eOne Solutions. Installation success or error status: 0.) and started the services. However, when I launch SmartConnect it won’t open. It shows the correct server name, I click OK, then get an error pop up, but it is blank, there is nothing on in the box. The top says SmartConnect, and it has an OK button. If I choose OK, it closes the whole login screen. Any ideas?

Jessica Martinez replied 6 years ago

This is what’s showing in Event Viewer: could not load an entity: [eOne.SmartConnect.Engine.Map#SOCIETY_APTIFY_PROJECTS][SQL: SELECT map0_.MapId as MapId139_7_, map0_.CreatedDate as CreatedD2_139_7_, map0_.CreatedUser as CreatedU3_139_7_, map0_.DataSourceType as DataSour4_139_7_, map0_.DestinationDefinition as Destinat5_139_7_, map0_.DestinationType as Destinat6_139_7_, map0

Matthew Falle replied 5 years ago

Hi Jessica,

Did you managed to resolve this? I have having the same problem

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