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Invalid column name CMPNTSEQ

Kevin asked 5 years ago
I\’m running SmartView 2015.I receive the following message when attempting to drag the Component Sequence field to the Sales/Sales Line Items SmartList:Invalid column name \’           CMPNTSEQ\’. CMPNTSEQ appears to be preceded by a bunch of blank characters.It occurs across all companies in my production environment.However, I have no issues when attempting to drag the same field to the same smartlist in my test environment.Any insight would be greatly appreciated.Thanks
Patrick Roth Staff answered 5 years ago
Yes it would appear that the source data has spaces in the column name.  Can’t say that I’ve run into it before.  Not knowing your source, I would recommend that you look at the original source and remove all leading spaces from that column (and the rest)
Kevin Collins answered 5 years ago

This is a canned SmartList so I’m not sure who the source could be responsible.

Running a trace, the error is surfaced when the following script is executed:

 SET FMTONLY OFF; SET FMTONLY ON;select top 1000 T1.[CMPNTSEQ] K1, T1.[LNITMSEQ] K2, T1.[SOPNUMBE] K3, T1.[SOPTYPE] K4, case T1.[SOPTYPE] when 1 then ‘Quote’ when 2 then ‘Order’ when 3 then ‘Invoice’ when 4 then ‘Return’ when 5 then ‘Back Order’ when 6 then ‘Fulfillment Order’ end  as ‘SOP Type’, rtrim(T1.[SOPNUMBE]) as ‘SOP Number’, rtrim(T1.[ITEMNMBR]) as ‘Item Number’, rtrim(T1.[ITEMDESC]) as ‘Item Description’, T1.[QUANTITY] as ‘QTY’, T1.[EXTDCOST] as ‘Extended Cost’, T1.[XTNDPRCE] as ‘Extended Price’, T1.[UNITCOST] as ‘Unit Cost’, T1.[UNITPRCE] as ‘Unit Price’, rtrim(T1.[CUSTNMBR]) as ‘Customer Number’, T1.[                                CMPNTSEQ] as ‘Component Sequence’ from (select * from slbSalesOrderLines with (NOLOCK)) T1  SET FMTONLY OFF;

This appears to be the SmartView process that is responsible for renaming the SQL field names to a more friendly format for end users.

Any assistance would be appreciated.


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