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Invalid column name ACTNUMBR

Milan asked 10 years ago
Hi all,

Getting "Invalid column name ACTNUMBR" error mesage when I try to run the default from Smartlist converted Financial/Accounts list. Error pops up in just one company, other companies are fine. Tried updating cache, updating missing physical names, recreting views, no luck. Any ideas on how to resolved this issue?

Thanks, Milan

molsen replied 10 years ago

Hi Milan

Do other lists run OK in that company?
Is there a difference in the account structure for this company – or is it the same as in the other companies?


milan replied 10 years ago

Hi Martin,

All other lists are totally fine, no errors. Same list in other companies runs normal. Account structure is unique accross all companies we have. There's nothing special about this company compared to the others. Same default SmartList runs fine.


Michael replied 9 years ago

I am getting the same error message after installing Smartview and trying to look at Accounts in Smartview. Has anyone come up with a solution for this issue? Michael

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