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Integration fails on REST call but works when run manually

asked 2 months ago

Hi, I have an integration from a SQL staging table into dynamics GP that runs fine when manually run but fails when a REST call is made. The error is not particularly helpful.There are 2 users in SC and the integration runs fine as either of them. However when run with the URL

https://[SERVER NAME]:5558/SmartConnect.svc/runmap/TESTSALESORDER


I get an error in the event log but no other errors

[DestinationBase – OnRunErrored] TESTSALESORDER: Failed to get data for Mssql query data source: Input string was not in a correct format

Shaun replied 2 months ago

An update – there is a second error in the log which says ‘Connection could not be validated’ which the same ending about input string. I can’t find much mention of it in the help i can see online regarding Mssql, the things i am finding have to do with Excel. I did confirm the table/database connection has rights to the user i am running SC as, as well as the service user. It should also be noted that it was working last week, i don’t know what changed, the error isn’t giving me enough information to check.

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