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Integrating from Salesforce to Dynamics GP and Subscription Billing

LaKisha asked 9 months ago

Is there anyone in the community that is familiar with the 3rd party software Subscription Billing for Dynamics GP? I’m trying to integrate Salesforce opportunities into GP. I need to be able to determine whether these opportunities need imported with new contract numbers or if they already have one, to use that number instead.

Currently, I have a stored procedure that does this for me, but because we can only have one destination in the map, I have it split into tasks. I was told that that wasn’t a good idea because I had the tasks before the integration and before the document. The reason I did it this way was because the first record wouldn’t get a contract number if it was new. But when I had it in SmartConnect 18, I only had the task in before the document and the numbering worked fine. Now, in SmartConnect 21, it’s always skipping numbers and I was told that I shouldn’t have these tasks. But where do I put my stored procedure/script?

Also, I have the integration split into two because I need to push the contract number back into Salesforce. So the first step creates the contract number and saves all the data onto a file. The second step pulls from this file, again, using a task, populates the tables in Subscription Billing, then pushes the contract number back to Salesforce. I’m having a hard time getting the process to work and I’m wondering if anyone out there has any suggestions to do this in a better way.

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