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Installing SmartConnect

Beth Dazzo asked 10 years ago
After installing SmartConnect I am getting an error:  Could not log into the SQL Server.  Any ideas would be welcome. replied 10 years ago

Hi Beth,

I had that error in the past as well and it turned out my password was typed incorrectly.

Try installing it again and pay close attention to the password.

Hope it works for you.


Ann replied 9 years ago

I am receiving this same error message but I am not being prompted for a login ID or password.  The error occurs when I click on the SmartConnect applicaitn icon.

Ruaan Jonker replied 9 years ago

Hi Ann

Can you please check the event log on the machine where SmartConnect is running and let me know what error messages are in there?

There should be more information under Application and Service Logs/SmartConnect.


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