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Installing Smart Connect – can't connect to SQL Server

Feridun asked 2 years ago
I’m working through an install of SmartConnect ( and am stuck on the Configure SQL Connection page. I get SQL Validation Failed, The Smart Connect installer was unable to connect to the SQL server.
I’ve tried specifying the SQL Server name using a host name and an IP address and the username using DOMAIN\username and just username.
The SQL Server is version 14.0.2027.
What can I try?
Mark Anderson Staff replied 2 years ago

We use SQL authentication to install SmartConnect. We recommend using “sa” to login as we know that user has the correct permissions to create the database and SQL Logins. If you have another SQL Authentication user that has “Sysadmin” permissions that will work as well.

Feridun answered 2 years ago
Thanks for that. I was trying to use Windows Authentication. Might be worth adding to the installation manual that it needs to be a SQL Server login.

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