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Installation on Client Terminal Server 2nd machine

Lewis asked 5 years ago
I have smart connect installed and running on an application server with just the windows service installed.  Everything I need is working on that server.  I need to have the users on a  terminal server access the excel add-in.  I only installed the user interface at this point.  Do I need to also install Windows service? along with WCF Service?  anything else? 
I’ve tried installing these two modification items and the installation is failing, how do I research why I’m getting this modification error?
Ethan Sorenson Staff answered 5 years ago
Hello Lewis,
The windows service can only be installed on a server, and the WCF Service can only be installed on a server that has Internet Information Services (IIS) installed. These components will only need to be installed on one server. Typically they go on the SQL server or an app server.
If the terminal server will only be used for user manually running maps you will only need the User Interface installed, and eConnect (if using GP as a destination).
Lewis replied 5 years ago


that was a very clear and helpful explanation. You have resolved my issue.. Thank you!

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