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Install for External Users on Terminal Server

David asked 7 years ago
When making the changes necessary to the .config file when installing the External User module of SmartView pon a Terminal Server, how is that accomplished for different users? I assume you can’t make the change to the .config file in the under the eOne folder under the x86 folder, as that would be the same for everyone on the Terminal Server.
Patrick Roth Staff answered 7 years ago
Not sure why you would want to do this unless you have different users hitting different servers or else want to change the default formats, etc.
But in any case, no.  For a .net application, the location of its config file is next to the exe – and so yes under a TS environment then everyone would share that configuration.
I can’t think of any other good workaround for this.
The only thing I can think of (since I don’t think the installer is a multi-instance installer) is that you just make multiple copies of the smartview folder and then you could modify the config file in each folder where it was moved to.

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