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Inquiry Window with Save-Delete buttons

Daniel asked 6 years ago
I created an extender window off the apply sales document window from a cash receipt to document some additional information.  Now when I create an inquiry screen so the user can see the data from the cash receipt inquiry zoom window, I made the window read-only but the save and delete buttons are still on the window and if you click delete, the record deletes…   This is an inquiry window, a user shouldn’t be able to alter the data.
any suggestions on how to eliminate this ability?
Mark Anderson Staff answered 6 years ago
Daniel, do you own the Extender enterprise edition? What version on Extender are you using? If so, we can help you write some code to disable these buttons on the read only versions. This issue only exists on read only inquiry windows that have detail scrolling information where the save and delete buttons are still visible and enabled. If this was a standard extender window without detail the save and delete buttons are removed. I will write up a bug to get this fixes in a future release. 

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