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Inquiry option missing

Manny asked 6 years ago
When I open Extender I only see the following options:
I’m trying to create a “inquiry” window where users cannot modify it’s values.  I plan on populating this via the back-end.
 GP Version:  GP2015 R2
Extender Version: 14.00.0084.000 Microsoft Dynamics GP Extender: 14.00.0055
Manny replied 6 years ago

I figured out how to add an inquiry window… Problem is that in the additional menu, I have a Window and an inquiry link. One can be modified the other is read only…

Patrick Roth Staff answered 6 years ago
Yes that would be expected if you make an Extender Window and an Inquiry Window and put them on the same GP window.
There isn’t a way to make either of the Additional Menu items hidden – so the users will see both regardless.
But you would just not give the users access to the main window if you didn’t want them to have access to it.  You would probably want to change the Inquiry window name vs the main extender window to differentiate them on the menu.
Manny replied 6 years ago

Got it, that makes sense. I forgot that you can lock it down by security. Thanks.

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