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index on extender form

Hoi Fook asked 4 years ago
I need item weight in 4 decimals so, I added an extender form to Item Card (cards-inventory-item).
I have an SQL view that uses this extender item weight, and obviously I link to Item Master IV00101 on field ITEMNMBR to extender form key.
How can I index on the extender form (item weight)?
Patrick Roth Staff answered 4 years ago
You normally wouldn’t need to index data unless you are going to search for that particular column.  So in your case something like “Item Weight > 100” or whatever.
From an Extender point of view, the data fields themselves in the Extender tables are not indexed.

However if you would like, SQL will let you create an index on pretty much whatever you like – so you could create your own SQL indexes how you need them.  Just make sure to allow duplicates since you don’t want to restrict your data outside of what Extender does.

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