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Inconstistent go to's and Built-in go tos

Dominic asked 5 years ago
I’ve created my own views for which I have created smartlists.
Pretty simple stuff 3 views:
1-Cheque batches
2-Lists of cheques
3-Applied documents on cheques
I’M trying to navigate between these three smartlists with Go tos (open smartlist)
The link for my go to from List of cheques to applied documetns is the Payment number.  But whenever I go to the applied document, it always pulls out the same document eventhgough I’m double-clicking on a different payment number.
The same thnig happens when I double-click on an applied document.  When there is several applied documents on a single chek, the Payable entrey Zoom always points to one of the applied document eventhough I’m clicking a different one.
Nicole Albertson Staff answered 5 years ago
This is something we may need to have the setup on since you are using custom views. It isn’t something we test out in-house.  My recommendation would be to contact our support team at
Otherwise, the GoTo’s use the Key Fields on your first table, so be sure that the fields you are trying to pass through the GoTo is what your key field is set to.
Is it always pulling the first of the applied records in the transaction, no matter what you pick?
Dominic replied 5 years ago

key fields.. didn’t think of that.. thanks! I’ll see if it works. I’ll let you know

Dominic replied 5 years ago

yes it is indeed missing keyfields. Thank you!

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