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Including Extender Fields on GP Reports asked 10 years ago
In GP 2013, I have an Extender window added to the Customer Maintenance window. 

Is there any way with any edition of Extender to pull that data into the Sales Order or Invoice report?  Just as you would pull customer master data into a sales order report, it would be great to pull data from an Extender window tied to the customer master into a sales order report.
Nicole replied 10 years ago

You can certainly add the Extender fields from a Window to the GP reports as long as they can be modified in Report Writer and the data can be linked to that report.  The manual for Extender 2013 has a section at the end with the exact steps on how to add the Extender Fields to a Report Writer report. replied 10 years ago

Thank you for the response.  Here's the scenario:

1. Create an Extender window tied to the Customer Maintenance window.
2. Create a sales transaction that uses that customer.
3. I want to add a field from the Extender window to the sales invoice report. 

From what I've read elsewhere, you can only pull in Extender windows into a sales invoice report if the Extender windows are tied to the Sales Transaction Entry window. 

Nicole replied 10 years ago

You should be able to add the Extender fields from the window that is on the Customer Maintenance window as long as the field(s) that you have used on that window are available on the Sales Invoice.  I am guessing that you have used the Customer Number and if this is the case, that should work just fine.  I just tested it on Extender 2013 and it worked just fine in this exact type of scenario.

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