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Importing List Data in Ext 2013 asked 10 years ago

I'm trying to import data into Extender. Some of the data is for list fields. In the previous versions of Extender, I could pull data from EXT40102 and then use that to get the numeric value for the text that people typed in their spreadsheets.

However, I cannot determine the list that goes with a particular window field in the new tables. I looked in EXT20020 and EXT20021. Perhaps I missed something, but I don't see the connection to the window from either of these tables.

Thank you for your help.

p.s. It would be great if you could write an import utility that would do the cross-reference automatically to save customers – and partners – the pain of having to do this.

Nicole Albertson replied 10 years ago

With the lists in GP 2013, the lists should be importing with the "string" name, and not the numeric value.  There are a few new tables with the lists in 2013 though.  This might help you understand them.  You can look in the EXT20010 to find the List ID based on the Field Name.  This will be the name of the list on the window.  Once you find the Extender_List_ID, you can look at the EXT20020 and EXT20021 tables for the list information.  If there are multiple fields with the same name, you may need to use the Field ID from the EXT20010 to look in the EXT20100 to find which window that field belongs to.  It will be in one of the Extender_Field_IDs_x or Detail_Field_IDs_x fields.

This script may get you the basics.  You can add a where clause for the Field Name as well.

select a.Field_ID, a.FIELDNAM, a.Extender_List_ID,
b.Extender_List_ID, b.Extender_List_Desc,
c.Extender_List_ID, c.Extender_List_Item_ID, c.LNITMSEQ, c.STRNG132
from EXT20010 a, EXT20020 b, EXT20021 c
where a.Extender_List_ID=b.Extender_List_ID
and b.Extender_List_ID=c.Extender_List_ID

As far as how the Extender Import works, it is pretty basic as to how it pulls.  We have a product called SmartConnect that you can do a lot more of with the importing of data into Extender.

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