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Importing into the "Note" Field

John Ellis asked 6 years ago
We’re considering the use of SmartConnect for importing general ledger journal entries into GP 2015 for Mekorma.
The most important piece is the importing of each journal entry’s detail records into the “Note” field of the journal entry.  Each journal entry represents one expense report containing debits to expense accounts.
In other words, if the journal entry contains three debits, we would need all three debit amounts to appear in the “Note” field.
Would SmartConnect allow for all detail records to be imported into the “Note” field, through VB scripting?  (Integration Manager does not.)
Patrick Roth Staff answered 6 years ago
eConnect does not provide a parameter for the Note field for a Journal Entry so out of the box, this isn’t possible.
However there isn’t any reason you could not either write your own node to allow the note to be created or else write a script or SQL task to do a direct table insert to the SY03900 for the note.

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