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Importing from Excel Duplicates Rows

Paul asked 7 years ago
I created a new map from an Excel spreadsheet that only has two rows in it. The first has the column names and the second has a single Fixed Asset record. When i click the Preview button, the Preview Data window shows a single row of data with the column names appropriately set to the header row from the spreadsheet.However, whenever I run the map, it shows a Record Count of 2 and if I click fix on either row, the data are the same (e.g. my one row of data).Anyone have any idea why it is duplicating rows?
Mark Anderson Staff answered 7 years ago
In your destination, click the Companies button. Do you have 2 companies selected? The record count would show the number of records per company selected. If you have 6 companies selected, you would have a record count of 6.
Paul replied 7 years ago

I actually have no companies selected as I am using a source column to specify the company ID. Moreover, the second row is definitely going to the same company because if I change the Asset ID and don’t allow updates to existing, on the first run, the first row will process successfully and the second will fail saying the asset already exists. On the second run, both will fail with the same error.

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