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Importing dates doesn’t work

karetess asked 10 years ago
I have a Form with 2 dates that I need to import into.  I've tried several different date formats but they do not import.  Dates are all 00/00/00 after import.
PdT replied 10 years ago

I have the same problem!  All dates on the form, no matter what format, gets imported as zeroes.

Nicole Albertson replied 10 years ago

When importing a date, I tried 5 different formats from an Excel Spreadsheet.

6/5/2016  12:00:00 AM

The two options that worked are '06/02/2013 and 6/3/2013.  The first is seen by Excel as text because of the apostrophe in the beginning.  The second was entered as 06/03/2013 and the date functionality of Excel auto formatted it to 6/3/2013.



PdT replied 10 years ago

I found a solution that seems to work (for me at least) and is easy to implement. If you right click on the date and go to Format Cells>Date, the Excel default date format of *03/14/2001 was used. The explanation for the * is given below the date options but it basically means that it uses your computer’s regional settings to determine the date format.  This seems to cause the problem.  I changed all the dates to use a date without the * (like 3/14/2001 near the bottom of the list) and then the dates uploaded properly.

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