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Import w/o data but not fail

Russell Nash asked 3 years ago
I’m wondering how I can do this… if I import a csv/txt file that has no data for the day into SQL,  I believe I can untick return map failure, and run a post task that writes into my table that there is no data.   What if there is an actual error,  my post task will still run.. is there a post task that I can assign to a no data return from map source ?
Trying to figure out how I can tell myself there is no data for that date and log it.
russell nash answered 3 years ago
In addition to this Q,  is there a way to preview the data, sort of like how integration manager lets you see header/data row.  
I can preview entire data set but I can’t be sure if it is picking all the right headers
Patrick Roth Staff replied 3 years ago

As you said, you can do a Preview of the data source – what you see there is what you’ll get for data when the integration runs so I’m not sure what you mean by “picking all the right headers”.

Russell nash replied 3 years ago

Thanks Patrick, I figure it out. If I view excel source, I see the data, if I view data in the mapping ie create JE, I see the header row, sort of like how integration manager has the header/data preview. Usually when I preview the header, I can see if its selecting all the right rows I”m trying to import.

Patrick Roth Staff answered 3 years ago
If there is no data in a source, you can mark the “If there is no data returned ….” you can mark that as either Success or Fail.
Another useful SC global variable is GlobalProcessCount. 
This if the Record Count variable in the Process window and is the number of documents to be processed.
So if this GlobalProcessCount = 0, then that means there was no source data read.
Russell Nash replied 3 years ago

Thanks for the info. Is there a way to pass the global process count into a sql statement if I run it in task ? should be right ? Ill give it a try.

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