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Import to GL updating MDA

JackNeal asked 9 years ago
I noticed yesterday that when I run a standard GL import from Excel (with no MDA information mapped) that when I view the transaction in GP, it has MDA codes mapped to any accounts that will allow it. 
I do have some accounts linked to MDA Codes in the Account Analysis Defaults window in GP, but the analysis type is "optional" and I have no percentages predefined.

When I input the same exact journal entry by hand into GP, the Analysis Posting Detail window has no codes selected by default, which makes me believe it is not the MDA setup, but rather SmartConnect that is driving the selection of a code during the import. 

I have tested this in 2 environments with the same results.  Is this expected behavior?  Watching the DTA10200 table during this process is puzzling…

Thank you,
Mick replied 9 years ago

We ended up adding code to disable the MDA codes against the GL Accounts during import, and then enabling after the import was completed. There were lots of MDA codes, and this caused time out issues with MDA enabled. Hope this helps. Mick

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