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Import SOP Invoices with mixture of Kits and Items

Alicias asked 9 years ago
I have a source file which I need to import as SOP invoices. The file will contain a mixture of Kits and Inventory Items. The source file does not include the Kit components. What I am struggling with is that I need to set the Quantity Shortage Option to: Back Order Balance.
When I run my map, it fails on all the lines that contain a Kit, because Back Order Balance cannot be used with Kit items.

Ideally, what should happen is that if the source file contains a Kit item, it should fulfil all available components, and back order the rest.  How can I achieve this if my source does not contain the Kit components?

Any help is appreciated, thanks.
Best Answer
lorren answered 9 years ago

The best option in this case would be to use the Multi-Data Source option in Smart Connect to link your existing data source to another data source that would read from the Dynamics GP tables and pull in the kit components.

While not the exact scenario, here iare two blog articles on using the multi data source option in Smart Connect.

If you don't see the multi data source option then you would want to load the latest Smart Connect version that works with GP 10, 2010 and 2013.  Here is that link as well.

Alwani replied 3 years ago

Please update this solution again, as the link is not working.

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