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Import sales with tax on header and not lines (UsingHeaderLevelTaxes) asked 10 years ago
I have a sales integration where the source data includes the Header and Lines.  In this data, the tax is provided at the header level.  It appears that eConnect provides the ability to set the tax on the header and prevent the GP tax engine from processing tax with the UsingHeaderLevelTaxes switch.  I am trying to figure out how to make this work in SmartConnect.  So the question is: How do you integrate a sales document with tax at the header and not at the line?
Best Answer
David answered 10 years ago

In the header mapping, you have to set "Use Header Level Taxes"=1.  You need to map the tax amount in this mapping.

In the "Add Line Tax Detail" mapping you need to import a tax amount and a tax schedule id, and hard code the Line sequence to 0.  (The 0 means it's a header level tax). 

David replied 10 years ago

That worked perfectly.  Thank you!

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