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import Price Lists into Dynamics GP extended pricing

Lewis asked 6 years ago
Are there instructions  for, how to import Price Lists into Dynamics GP extended pricing using smart connect?  I’ve seen in the GP knowledge base that macro’s are a solution.  However, that seems like a work-around to something that should have a standard import. 
Patrick Roth Staff answered 6 years ago
SmartConnect for GP integrations uses eConnect as the integrating platform.  The reason that out of the box SmartConnect doesn’t “do” GP Extended Pricing is because Microsoft never wrote an eConnect proc to integrate to this destination.
So does that mean there isn’t any way possible to create new Extended Pricing data with SC?
No, there are 2 ways to do it:
1. Write your own “eConnect Style” proc that does the extended pricing information.
You would obviously have to know the tables and any business logic behind that (IE validation)
Then you create a new node in SmartConnect that points to that stored procedure.  It will then show up in SmartConnect like any other destination.
This article from microsoft talks about how to do that:
2. If you are sure of your data, you can do this with SC without making a new proc/destination in smartconnect.
You could write directly to the table using the SQL table destination.  There would be no data validation that way which is why the proc is recommended.
Lewis replied 6 years ago


I’m looking at importing directly into the table, and I have a question… Can SmartConnect handle creating the next sequence number? SEQNUMBR.. If so can you direct me to the instructions on how to set this up?

Patrick Roth Staff replied 6 years ago

Not by itself – but you can program SC to do this.
Typically what you would do is put a calculation and increments a global variable and then keep that sequence value there and return it in the calculation.

Lorren does that type of thing in this blog article:

His is a bit more complicated in that it keeps track of 2 sequences instead of just one.

So yeah, just make a calculation to increment the sequence in a global variable and then return that variable back in that calculation.

If you need to, then you can clear it in the “before document” script if you need to restart at 0 again.

Lewis replied 6 years ago

Thank you for the added input.

With price tables, its very easy to remove the existing price lists and start again at 0…

I’ve successfully run a few tests, and using SmartConnect is much easier than trying to import using macros….

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