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Import Failures on CRM Templates

Justin asked 9 years ago
I am having an issue importing any of the GP maps from the CRM 2013 templates file.  I get the error:
"Could not validate import destination: SmartConnect cannot find the associated group for this Dynamics GP destination"

Perhaps this is an easy fix, but I can't find anything that really addresses something like this.  Does anyone have any insight or had this problem before?  All the CRM and Real Time are importing fine.
lorren replied 9 years ago


Just to make sure, you have set up your Dynamics GP Connector in SmartConnect and then run SmartConnect System Maintenance to generate the Dynamics GP Nodes.

Also, is the user you are logged into SmartConnect as an Admin in SmartConnect so you have access to all components of SmartConnect?


Best Answer
Justin answered 9 years ago
I was pretty sure that I had run the system maintenance in GP, however, I tried again and got errors.  I took out the Smartlist Builder, ran the maintenance, and it seems to be fine.  BTW, does it make ANY sense that there would be a requirement to remove an eOneSolution in order to get another eOneSolution to work?  Very annoying!  But…I'm onto the next thing….

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