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Import excel data with no header to AP

Taek asked 7 years ago
I’m using an ODBC connection to get to my excel sheet.  Is there a way to have smartconnect ignore the first row as a header? I notice that when no data is present within a column, sc reads this as F1,F2, etc….
Ethan Sorenson Staff replied 7 years ago

Hello Taek,
You can’t make SmartConnect use the first row as headers when using an ODBC connection. It will automatically ignore the headers and provide data. You can give your expression an alias which will be used as a column header.

If you want to use your source document’s headers you can use a Microsoft Excel data source and it will automatically use the headers you used in your source document.

If you saved your source document as a text file, you can select Text File as your data source. You can go into the schema configuration and check the box “Has Column Headers.”

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