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Import error 11985 Stored Procedure= taGLTransactionHeaderInsert

Lou asked 7 years ago
We receive the following error when running a GL transaction map using a translation table:
Sql procedure error codes returned:  Error Number = 11985  Stored Procedure= taGLTransactionHeaderInsert  Error Description = Batch number on the line and header do not match Node Identifier Parameters: taGLTransactionHeaderInsert BACHNUMB = PAYADJFY15 JRNENTRY = 56771 REFRENCE = PayRealloc2015 TRXDATE = 2015-9-30 TRXTYPE = 0
<taGLTransactionHeaderInsert>   <TRXTYPE>0</TRXTYPE>   <REFRENCE>PayRealloc2015</REFRENCE>   <BACHNUMB>PAYADJFY15</BACHNUMB>   <SOURCDOC>GJ</SOURCDOC>   <TRXDATE>2015-9-30</TRXDATE>   <JRNENTRY>56771</JRNENTRY> </taGLTransactionHeaderInsert>
We have been using this integration for months and the mapping looks correct.  How should we approach troubleshooting this?
sid jayawardena answered 7 years ago
When smartconnect/econnect does a GL entry, it asks for the batch number at the line level and also at the header level
I would check the batch number mapping in the add distribution node – this has to match the batch number in the create journal node
if that journal entry has multiple lines, one batch number could be different and that could cause the problem as the header will take the most recent or first value while the line would have a different value
for example,
If the grouping for the create journal node is set to use the first batch number, the header would use TEST as the batch number and the second line would use TEST2 as the batch number and you may get this error
Sally Wagner replied 6 years ago

I have multiple users that utilize the same eConnect integration. Is it possible that this error would be received if multiple people were trying to map different data at the same time to the same integration?

Patrick Roth Staff replied 6 years ago


Possibly – depends on how you have things set up. But typically maps are set up to get the next JE from a GP Rolling Column. So that if we both run the same map and even against the same data, my JE should be 1000 and yours should be 1001 since we both got the “next number”.

The system shouldn’t allow you to both get the same number. But assuming that it did happen on a freak chance, you wouldn’t be able to repro it most likely.

And if you can, then that isn’t it.
Far more likely you are running into what sid suggests above. You have different fields mapped to your Batch Number mappings.

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