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I need to be able to allow a Nav List to export to Excel

Octavius Viera asked 6 years ago
 I have created a Nav List using SmartList Builder but cannot figure how to replicate the functionality to export to Excel the data that is being retrieved by the Nav List.  It is the similar functionality that the out of box nav Lists offer when you click Reports to Excel.  Please help
Patrick Roth Staff answered 6 years ago
That is built in – you literally don’t have to do anything to a NLB report to get the option for “Reports | Print This List” or “Go To | Send To Excel” to work.
In either case, for SLB & GP NavLists, select the records in the UI that you want and choose either option above and GP will perform that action.
Octavius replied 6 years ago

Appreciate the response! When I click on the custom Nav List that was created by me the only option when I click Reports is Print this List. I want to build the functionality like the Out of box one where I click Go To then can Send to Excel. Can you please let me know how this is accomplished?

Patrick Roth Staff replied 6 years ago

Could be your version – that might not have been available on older versions but is there for my GP/SLB 2015 & GP 2016 using the latest version of SLB for each.

I guess too it could be a permissions issue although that does seem unlikely since I don’t see a way to add this in security. But if you are PowerUser/sa then obviously that isn’t the issue.

If you are on the most recent versions as above and still have the issue, you would want to open a support case for us to look more closely.

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