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How to update GL posting date on a receivables transaction -2009 post

Brenda Hopkins asked 5 years ago
I am using a post from 2009 to add the current date to the Batch Date for AR Transactions.  This is after script is not validating.  Can you please provide a new script to update the current date as the Batch Date?
Patrick Roth Staff replied 5 years ago

Can’t see that anything would have changed in either GP or the actual .NET script (or SQL, not sure what script you are using) from SC that we’d need a “new” script.

You’ll want to double check your script and find the typo or field or whatever it is the compiler must be complaining about.

Brenda replied 5 years ago

Hi Patrick
I copied the script into the Tasks > Map Post Tasks > Tasks that run if the map succeeds. when I validate I get these messages:

Try must have a least on ‘Catch’ or a ‘Finally’
End of Statement expected.
‘myConn’ is not declared.
Expression expected.
Method arguments must be enclosed in parentheses.
End of statement Expected.

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