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How to stop multiple runs from executing simultaneously

Marc B asked 8 years ago
Is there any way to configure an individual map or SmartConnect to stop it from executing a map more than one time simultaneously? We have a scenario where no matter how many times you tell them users will inadvertently double click a shortcut to launch a cmd line execution of a map when only a single click launches it once. This causes the map to launch twice within milliseconds of each other, and the same source data (sql query) gets pulled into each run because it hasn’t yet been marked as exported yet. We could go to great lengths building in pre-map steps or record locking, but wanted to check if there is a simple approach first. Why use the easy way when the hard way works :).
Best Answer
Lorren answered 8 years ago

There isn't a simple approach to locking the execution when running the map from the command line.

I would agree that in the pre-map task you could write a record to a custom table or try the SmartConnect Activity table (not sure how that will behave though) and check that table for each run of the map.

Be sure to remove that activity record when the map is complete.


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