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How to simulate a radion button group in Extender Enterprise

karetess asked 10 years ago
Has anyone simulated a radio button group in a Detail Window?  I have an Extender detail window for users to enter multiple manufacturers and part numbers for a vendor, but only one can be the primary manufacturer.  I have a checkbox for 'Primary', and I need to allow only one row to have it checked.

Is there some way to have a hidden field or a variable on the window that gets set to TRUE whenever a checkbox is checked?  If the variable is set to TRUE and a user tries to check a checkbox they will get an error.  They would then have to uncheck the checkbox for the Primary which will set the variable to FALSE, and then they can check another row as Primary.

Any ideas or code snippets to do something like this would be much appreciated.  I'm not yet Dexterity literate. Thank you.
Best Answer
Nicole answered 10 years ago
Unfortunately, we cannot attach any logic to an individual field in the detail.  Because of this, we cannot read the value of one field in a line and set the value in another line accordingly.  We can only attach to the line.  We could do something if it was on the header, but not the line.
Chris replied 10 years ago

Could they do something like dynamically populating a dropdown with the values from a representtive field in the detail, then on exiting the drop down or saving the window, run a script (SQL?) to clear all of the check marks except the one for the row selected in the drop down?

Nicole answered 10 years ago
There are a couple of options here.

1.  If you put a lookup to the manufacturer in the header portion of the window to select the primary, you could leave the checkboxes off on the bottom half.

2.  You could do the lookup to the manufacturer in the header and still have the checkboxes in the bottom, but this would take some detail code to get it to read each line to see if it is that manufacturer and then what happens if the manufacturer is selected twice in the detail as that isn't going to restrict it from happening.

3.  We could write a Dexterity script to check to see if you have multiple options checked as primary when you save the window and prompt the user to fix that before saving.

If you are interested in having us write something for you, just let us know by e-mailing

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