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How to show SmartView Favorites to add to shortcut bar

karetess asked 8 years ago
We have both the SmartList and SmartView tools installed in our Dynamics GP 2010 install. When selecting a SmartList Favorite to add to the shortcut bar on the user’s homepage, it only shows Favorites created in the SmartList tool, not SmartView. Is there a way to include SmartView Favorites in this list? I could not find anything about this in the SmartView manual.
Best Answer
Jared answered 8 years ago
You can add a SmartView Favorite as a Quick Link on the homepage, but not as a Shortcut.

You can add a SmartView Favorite as a Quck link using the Quick Links Details window.   Select Add..>>Smartview favorite and then select the list and the favorite you want to make a quick link. 
karetess replied 8 years ago

Thank you for the reply Jared. However, I do not see an option to add a SmartView Favorite using Quick Links Details window. When I select the Add dropdown I only see the following: Microsoft Dynamics GP window Microsoft Dynamics GP navigation list Web Page External Program or file Extender Enterprise Perhaps this is a version issue? We are on GP 2010.

Jared replied 8 years ago

This is actually a version issue. I gave you the instructions for the new build which unfortunately will not work on the build you are using. This new build will be available from our downloads page shortly. Sorry for the incorrect information.

Sylvia replied 7 years ago

Hi Jared, We recently installed SmartView. It looks as though the last software update available in the Download page was from 3/13/15 which is a few days before your reply. Would this option be available now or is this option for a later build not yet available? The Shortcut option is being highly requested at our company since our GP users had the option with SmartList.

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