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How to set a global variable from WCF REST Service?

Remi Ferland asked 7 years ago
I’d like to set a global variable that is used in a map before starting that map from WCF REST Service.
Or is there any other way to pass a parameter to a map?
Patrick Roth Staff answered 7 years ago
Not a way to do that currently in SmartConnect.
Today you are limited by the params listed in the documentation which is typically just the MapID and optionally the data for the report itself.
So if you needed to pass a global variable – the only way you could do that is create a column in the map and use it there.  But of course that wouldn’t do anything for you if you needed the global for a restriction or similar.
Happily, this is scheduled to be a feature for SmartConnect 2015 when it releases in that we should then have the ability for pass in in globals.
Timothy Trahan replied 6 years ago

Was this feature ever implemented?

Arthur Achilleos replied 4 years ago

Patrick was this implemented?

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