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How to restrict keyable length on Long String

karetess asked 10 years ago
You can define the mask and the max characters for a Short String.  It would be nice if you could do the same for a Long String.  Is there a trick to restrict the keyable length to whatever you want?  I need a field that allows up to 100 characters only.

I looked through Dexterity function libraries.
Best Answer
Nicole answered 10 years ago
There isn't a great way to put a mask on a long string field.  With the Logic in Extender Enterprise, you cannot restrict them from typingover a certain number of characters, but could do something on the Field Change event.  This event would warn them that it is too long and make them enter something shorter.

If you need assistance in writing this script, we could do it as a billable service.  You would just need to submit it through a support case.

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