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How to pass a parameter into a map while using a WCF REST Service

Bob Young asked 7 years ago
I have created a map that uses a GP query to retrieve a single GP Cust Card. I’m using GlobalMessage as the criteria. I want to call the map using the WCF REST service passing in the customer number and then I want to receive  back the selected customer. it appears that runmapxml would be the correct process,  but that doesn’t seem to work as we would expect.  
Chris Dew replied 7 years ago

The RunMapXml method is correct when calling the web service but when passing in parameters you need to pass in /var after the method and the XML or JSON needs to have a Variables section present. I am creating a sample and will publish in the coming month.

Bob replied 6 years ago

Did you ever get a chance to publish a sample?

Timothy Trahan replied 6 years ago

Plus one on this, we have the same need.

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