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How to install SmartConnect on two DYNAMICS databases

Taibe Juni asked 8 years ago
We have two system databases in our Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains 2013 installation. I have successfully integrated SmartConnect with one of them but don’t know how to integrate it with the other one. Do I need to rerun the installation?
Taibe Juni answered 8 years ago
I just received an answer to this question via a support request. Here it is for anyone else who’s looking:
SmartConnect is currently not capable of being installed on a multi-tenant environment.  With the way SmartConnect is currently written it always creates a single SmartConnect database, and that database can only be configured to be pointed at 1 GP instance.  
We are currently adding multi-tenancy to SmartConnect, so you can have a single SmartConnect installation that can point at 2 GP instances, but currently it is not possible.
Teri Carpenter replied 6 years ago

is there an update on this answer? I have two dynamics databases and need to get it working with both of them.

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