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How to exclude records in an import file

BethZK asked 9 years ago
I am importing Financial transactions from a flate file and would like to exclude the record if it meets a certain condition.  Can you help me to set something like that up?
Best Answer
Mick answered 9 years ago
One way is to create a custom import table with a MAP just using Table as the destination, then you can run your query against the table in the second MAP.  This give you the opportunity to run tests against the data, and then clear out unwanted records before importing, then clear out the remaining records after import.
martin answered 9 years ago
Beth – You want to do one of two things.   1. Restrict the datasource to excluse those records. If you use an ODBC connection to your source file, you can include all sorts of data filters,     2. Use the restrictions on the maps destination.  Here you can exclude records from the datasource that get passed to eConnect and in turn GP.
bethzk replied 9 years ago

I'll give this a try!  thank you!

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