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How to exclude fields in a change map

Garrick Fischer asked 7 years ago
I am looking for a way to exclude changes to the Item master for specific fields.  Example I do not need a change record for every time the current cost is updated. 
I am more interested in changes to the base item master data.  Cost change with each receipt transactions.
Patrick Roth Staff answered 7 years ago
The way the current trigger works is that we just insert a record into the change tracking table if a value in the underlying table changes.
And while yes the current cost changes with receipt posting, it is in the “Base” table and so is why it gets marked as change and inserted.
If you wanted to only check for specific field changes, you’d have to manually change the trigger to check for changes in the fields that you do care about.  And then if you find a change of interest, you insert it into the change table.
The only thing you’d have to watch is that if you save the map – I believe SmartConnect will re-create the triggers to default again and wipe out your changes.
you’d be better off just creating your own tracking table and trigger and then run the integration from that table like any normal source.

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