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How to end a running query in SmartView?

Jim Harris asked 5 years ago
This feels like a dumb question but how can a user stop a running query in smartview?  If someone specifies a large number of rows to return before realizing their search criteria is incorrect, what can they do?
Wallace Dodds replied 3 years ago

would be nice to have a Stop button!

Patrick Roth Staff answered 5 years ago
There isn’t a “stop” button so the best you can do from SmartView is close the window.  The window should be responsive and let you do that.
Then (if you are in the internal version) it just takes a few seconds to re-open it again.  Little bit longer for external since you have to re-enter your credentials.
JIm Harris replied 5 years ago

I’ve tried that but havne’t been able to make it work yet. Killing it in task manager is the only thing I’ve found that works so far, but that also kills the GP session.

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