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How to easily see what users have access to a map

Jennifer Wheeler asked 1 year ago
Is there a way in SmartConnect to see what users have access to a particular map other than going into security and clicking on each user and then looking at what maps they have access to?  Doing that is tedious if you have a lot of users.
Patrick Roth Staff answered 1 year ago
No, there isn’t any kind of reporting in SmartConnect of any kind.
But creating something in SQL doesn’t look so bad.
The [User] table has all all your users.
The MapPermission table has a list of all the maps a User has access to and has the Map in.
So you would be able to join the tables together by UserId (the guid) and then get a list of all what users have access to.
For Admin users the answer is “everything” so they don’t actually have records in that table (unless there were before you promoted to admin) so they’d obviously have access to all.
So maybe something like this:
select * from (
select AdUser,MapPermission.Map   from [User] 
inner join MapPermission on
MapPermission.UserId = [User].UserId 
where [User].isAdmin = 0
select AdUser, ‘<ALL MAPS-ADMIN>’ as Map from [User] where [User].IsAdmin =1) a
order by a.AdUser,a.Map 
AdUser Map
eonedemo\econnect ACCOUNTS
eonedemo\econnect CONCUR_INTEGRATION
eonedemo\econnect CONCURENTRY
eonedemo\econnect CONCURENTRY_DUP
eonedemo\econnect DELETE_VENDOR_NOTE
eonedemo\econnect INVTRASACTIONS
eonedemo\econnect NANCY
eonedemo\eone <ALL MAPS-ADMIN>
eonedemo\patrick CONCURENTRY
eonedemo\patrick WALLY
eonedemo\patrick XML_ICO
eonedemo\eone is the only Admin user and so I just put “ALL MAPS -ADMIN” for that one.  Otherwise the other two users have access to just a few maps shown.
If i wanted to show the actual maps for the eOne user, I could just query the Map table and join it to the user in that piece of the query so that it gets them all. (so that the eOne user looks like the rest with his map list)

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