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How to delete all rows

karetess asked 9 years ago
URGENT:  A quick reply would be greatly appreciated.

I modified a Form after I had loaded data and now I can't figure out how to delete all the rows (too many to delete one at a time).  I deleted the form and re-imported it, and the data is still there.  How do you clear out all data for a Form?
karetess replied 9 years ago

I researched which tables contain Form data, and deleted rows from the following tables to clear out the data in my form:

delete from EXT00200 where Extender_Form_ID = 'CNX_IV_MFR_SUP';
delete from EXT00201 where Extender_Form_ID = 'CNX_IV_MFR_SUP';

So my crisis was averted.

Is this the only/correct way to clear out data for an Extender Form (or any window type)?


Nicole replied 9 years ago

If you have "stranded" data, the only way to remove it from Extender is to delete it from the tables.  If you can pull it up in the Extender window/form, of course you can delete it from the window/form.

With the tables, it depends on what type of window or form you have setup and what types of fields you have setup on it.

For example, with the standard Form, there are the EXT00200-EXT00204 tables that the data could be in.  There is always a "header" table, and then the tables for strings, dates, numbers, and times as the key types.


karetess replied 9 years ago

Thanks for shedding more light on the structure of Extender tables Nicole. Good to know I did it the right way.

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