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How to default a field based on another field

karetess asked 10 years ago
I have an Extender form and I want to default one field based on the value entered in another field.  I know how to do this when the field is a calculated field, but this makes the field read only.   Can you default the value as a Short String so the user can overwrite the default?  I've looked through Dexterity functions, etc. and not finding what I'm looking for.

Nicole replied 10 years ago

You would want to use a Dexterity function to do this if you are on Extender Enterprise. 
It would be something similiar to the following.

If myvalue = "abc" then
call SetValue, "def", “Form”, CurrentForm, CurrentID, 1, “Column 1”;
end if;

Replacement Values: (leave the quotes around them if they are present in the script above)
myvalue – is the parameter setup for the field to evaluate
abc – is the value you want to catch to cause the setting of the second field to happen
def – is the value you want to put in second field
1 – is the column value of the field to put the data into on the window.  It would be a number 1-15
column 1 – is which column the field to populate is in.  This is either column 1 or column 2


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