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How to create a row dynamically through SmartConnect

Simba Twiga asked 8 years ago
Is it possible to create a row dynamically during the GP Integration?
patrick answered 8 years ago
No, not exactly.
SmartConnect doesn’t create any new data – it only takes what you give it as the source and then transforms it into what your destination requires.
To create new data, there are only a few options I can think of:
1. if you are using a SQL query as your source data, then you can use a UNION statement to then add a new ‘select’ statement to add the additional data.
2. If not using SQL, you could use a multidata source and then use the original source and then add a SQL query that would add your additional data
3. Assuming you can massage your existing data to create new data, you can use a trick such as this Tech Tuesday article discusses.

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