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How to create a calculated field

Bron asked 8 months ago

Okay –

I’m new to this SmartConnect Coding process. I want to create a calculated field for item description on a sales invoice integration.

Basically, I have a numeric field in my source file (_LeadID) and I have string value in my source file (_Name)

I want to put the two fields together with a fixed string. 

Example LeadID (from source file = 208639)

Name = John Smith (from source file) 

I want to put them together as follows for a calculated item description:

“Lead ID 208639 John Smith”

I tried – 

return “‘Lead Id’+’ ‘+ _LEADID + ‘ ‘ + _NAME” (no validation errors but result was incorrect)

Bron replied 8 months ago

I figured it out by researching VB

Here’s what is working great
Dim ItemDesc as String

Dim LeadID as String=”LeadID”
Dim LeadID2 as String=_LEADID
Dim Name as String=_NAME

ItemDesc = LeadID+” “+LeadID2+” “+Name

return ItemDesc

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