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How to completely uninstall extender enterprise

Claudia Sosa asked 10 years ago
How to completely uninstall  extender enterprise?
David replied 10 years ago


Since eXtender is 100% Dexterity, there really isn't an uninstaller for it.  The uninstaller would need to delete the extender dictionary and update the Dynamics.set file. 

You can do the same steps manually:

1. In Windows Explorer (Right-click the Start Button and choose Explore), go to the local Microsoft Dynamics GP folder. NOTE: The default location is C:Program FilesMicrosoft DynamicsGP.
2. Right-click the Dynamics.set file and choose Copy.
3. Paste the Dynamics.set to another location, such as the Desktop.
4. Right-click the Dynamics.set file in the Microsoft Dynamics GP folder and choose Edit.

5. Reduce the top number by one. For example, if the top number is 26 reduce the number to 25.
6. Remove the following information in the Dynamics.set file.


Then further down, delete the following lines

:C:Program Files/Microsoft Dynamics/GP/EXTUD.DIC
:C: Program Files/Microsoft Dynamics/GP/Data/UDFORM.DIC
:C: Program Files/Microsoft Dynamics/GP/Data/UDREPT.DIC
7. Choose File – Save.

8. Close the Dynamics.set file.

With eXtender out of the Dynamics.set file, it will no longer load the dictonary or show any eXtender menus inside of GP. 

Luis Mendieta replied 5 years ago

I try this procedure but still showing a message to integrate new code.
What else can do?

Lorren Zemke Staff replied 5 years ago

You need to remove any *.cnk files from the Dynamics GP folder. That file extension is what triggers Dynamics GP to want to load new code when launching.


Luis Mendieta replied 5 years ago

Thanks Lorren, for your help.
It worked.

I installed again, but now some menus doesn’t show for a normal user.
I tried to apply Security in Security Task and give this error.


Any idea?



Lorren Zemke Staff replied 5 years ago

Luis, that error doesn’t provide enough information as to the actual error. There should be a more information button that would provide more detail.

Typically, the error includes something about LoadListView error which means you have the wrong version of Extender installed for the version of Dynamics GP.

Please go to the download page and review the version of Extender that would be compatible with your version of Dynamics GP.


Luis Mendieta replied 5 years ago

Lorren, thanks for your reply.
In fact, that’s what happened.
LoadListView but it wasn’t show at all.
But I review your article “Error in Security Tasks” referring to this.
I’m gonna try it and let you know.

Patrick Roth Staff replied 5 years ago


You get this error in GP Security if you install the wrong version of Extender for your GP version.

In the Extender downloads for each version, make sure you download and install the applicable version based on your GP version noted on that page.

Luis Mendieta replied 5 years ago

Hi Patrick,

I tried to install:

Extender Version: 12.00.0102

and didn’t work

Then, uninstall it and reinstall this:

Extender Version: 12.10.0136

But still having same error.

This is the GP data:

Microsoft Dynamics GP 12.00.1482 (SP2)
Dexterity 12.00.0270.000
SQL Server 2012 11.0.2100.60 (x64)

I saw a comment in security related to “enterprise version”
There’s a version like that?

I appreciate your help.


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