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How to add custom SmartList view into SmartView

Patty asked 5 years ago
View was created and added in SmartList Designer and I create 2 new SmartLists.  Can they be added to SmartView?  I tried refreshing in SmartList Maintenance and the new views did not come in.
Patrick Roth Staff answered 5 years ago
No, not currently.
SmartView can run GP SmartLists because we have re-written the logic of that GP smartlist as SQL Views. 
SmartView can run SLB smartlists because we have the logic to make the query that the user created.
In order to run Designer SmartLists, we’d have to do the same and figure out how Designer stores/handles the query and then this _would_ work.  But currently SV doesn’t do this for designer smartlists.
Charlie replied 5 years ago

Patrick, is this the same situation with the SmartList object created by Rockton for their Auditor product? Is there no way to add those to SmartView?

Patrick Roth Staff replied 5 years ago

Unfortunately correct.
The reason that the GP ones work is because our developer created views and TSQL in order to recreate them how GP does it (hopefully).

The reason that SLB ones work is that since we know how our tables are and how to create the TSQL for the objects you linked – that will work.

But SmartVIew cannot run other 3rd party smartlists since all that business logic/SQL is within the application. And if even there IS a table that actually has the SQL query itself – we don’t know about it and couldn’t execute it.

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