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How to activate record in CRM through map?

Tudor asked 9 years ago
I've created a map to create contracts and contract likes in CRM (data coming from GP) and it all works well, contracts and lines are created for each customer etc.

Issue is that the contract remains in Draft status in CRM which means no Cases can be assigned to it to subtract from the allotted cases/contract. I tried changing the status using the Advanced Messages available on the map and mapped the Entity Moniker, Status and Status Reason to the appropriate values, however, when I try running the map I get the following error:

"Update Successful. For entity 'contract' where 'customerid = —…………..'
The state is invalied, this contract cannot be set to invoice state."

I know that in CRM in order to activate a contract it must be invoiced but I don't want someone to have to go into CRM and invoice all contracts since we are doing that from GP. Is there any way to change the status to Active through the SmartConnect map? Am I missing something?

Thanks you!

Tudor replied 9 years ago

Figured this one out, I was tyring to set the contract to Active status as that is what was visible in CRM, however, the correct status is Invoiced. That will change the contract status to Active in CRM.

One further question. If I have a Bulk Data Map set up like this:
  Contract (contract)
  Contract Line (contractdetail)
  Contract – Set the state of a record
  Contract – Renew a contract

Will the four maps run one after the other every single time this map is run? This is a Bulk Data Load map.


Best Answer
Lorren answered 9 years ago

You have four maps or you have one map with 4 nodes mapped?

If you have the 4 nodes mapped, it will run them all for each line in the data and then based on either your grouping or restrictions, it will send the data to each node.

If you have 4 maps and are running them as tasks it will only run each based on where you put the Run Map task in your map


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