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How do you set security for a non-power user to create and view an extender window without adding the extender resource in security?

Chip asked 6 months ago

I have a user who is not a power user. User does not have access to user security.

The user has rights to create an extender window, but can not view / preview the window that was just created.

How does this user see the new extender window without going into security and add the new window via extender resources.


Patrick Roth Staff answered 6 months ago


They cannot and there isn’t a built-in option to do so.

I’ve seen this request before and seems like might be a good feature request that you can log:

Extender Feature Requests Archives – eOne Solutions

From an end user perspective, I suppose you could write a SQL DB trigger on the EXT20100 for insert/update.

You can get the gp user and if only want to do automatic permissions use that user id.

You can pull the Resource ID field from the extender window from the DYNAMICS..EXT00001 table.

Finally, then you could write a record into the SY10700 table to give permissions to that new window.

You could hard code the SECURITYTASKID since you know what user and their security task you want to attach to.

DICTID & SECRESTYPE = 3107 (the extender product id)

The SECURITYID is the value from the EXT00001 table – Extender_Resource_Number

Actually, now that I think of it, you might have to write that trigger on the insert to the EXT00001 table instead.

The reason is that I’m not sure what order Extender saves the new record in the EXT20100 table.  Since we’re using a sql db trigger, if we save the EXT20100 record first then when you look in the EXT00001 table, the record won’t be there, so we won’t know the number to assign in security.

Actually, I’ll amend my statement above – I guess trigger on just the EXT00001 table insert.  There isn’t anything that we need in the EXT20100 table for the security record – we just need that value for Extender_Resource_Number.

You would just need to check the companyid, the user in sql, and then the Extender_Type ( = 1 for windows) to see if you want to insert the record to the SY10700 table.

The only thing you have to make sure is that you don’t throw an error in your SQL such as trying to insert multiple times and get a PK error.  That error would bubble up from the extender save and get an error and GP would tell you that the save on the EXT00001 failed with a pk violation but it would really be your trigger.

So perhaps check exists() first and then insert if not (or do update then insert).

Sounds like a somewhat interesting little trigger to create.

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