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How do you reset a SmartView when opened via SmartList Builder Open SmartList GoTo with search parameters?

Tim Fletcher asked 3 years ago
I have two related SmartViews. I have added a goto to open the second one using a SmartList Builder – Open SmartList goto and have a number of search parameters using data from the first SmartView.  The first view is a summary view by product listing the next 5 shipment dates (as columns) including the total tonnage per shipment. A user can select that product and hit the goto and open the second smartview that lists all the PO’s, vessel’s, containers etc for that item.
This works extremely well however we cannot see a way to reset the second smartview back to its original form listing all products and their data. The Edit filter button does not have any reference to the search parameters on the Open SmartList call and clicking the Filter – Clear All button does not help.
Apart from going to another SmartView and coming back again, is there another way to reset a SmartView opened this way?
Nicole Albertson Staff answered 3 years ago
There currently isn’t a great way to reset the second list that is being opened from the GoTo without just running another list or a Favorite under the current list.  I have entered a Product Suggestion to change this in a future release.

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